Ignacio Martinez Storani provi...

Ignacio Martinez Storani

Architectural Technology

B Arch

Ignacio Martinez Storani provides Architectural Technology services as part of the D. Fallon Building Design (DFBD) team.

Ignacio graduated and finalised his studies from the Cordoba National University in Argentina in 2012. As a result of his undergraduate training in architecture, he acquired a logical thinking with keen attention to details. He has worked in his professional career for major construction companies in Argentina where he applied his knowledge to drawings, blueprints and using 3D modelling software such a SketchUp and AutoCAD. Through this acquired experience, Ignacio setup into his own business venture creating custom fitted furniture. Ignacio was also a key designer in a new office project which involved an entire building furniture fitout. Ignacio has spent time in Argentina, Spain, Italy and Ireland in his career.

July 20, 2022